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Alternative to Onlyfans : Websites Just like Onlyfans

24 Jun, 2021
Best OnlyFans Alternatives?
OnlyFans is a fanclub platform that is used by many adult performers. Although OnlyFans is a great platform with high percentages, it’s not the only platform on the market that offers this type of service. There are many other fanclub platforms out there, each with their own features and perks. We’ve compiled a list of top OnlyFans alternatives for adult performers.

GlowAdult is the perfect OnlyFans alternative that allows adult performers to post to a fan club feed as well as interact with customers through feed posts and messages, sell content, and provide webcam shows to customers. It is actually the best alternative because they pay out 85% rather than the standard payout on OnlyFans which is 80%! You can monetize a variety of adult services on GlowAdult and promote the services to your own fans as well as to the internal platform that GlowAdult provides! GlowAdult has a special algorithm that promote active models, which makes their site very unique and further promotes staying active on their website.

JustForFans is one of the closest platforms to OnlyFans. If you’re used to OnlyFans, learning how to use JustForFans will be easy. Like OnlyFans, they also offer up to 80% (70% for starters). All genders are welcome to sell subscriptions on the site, and ACH or SWIFT are the currently accepted genders. JustForFans was founded by a famous pornstar, with the specific mission of providing an adult-friendly alternative. Just like OnlyFans, JustForFans also has a model referral, as well as a customer affiliate program as well. JustForFans is the newest platform on the market, so look for changes and improvements in the near future.
FanCentro is a platform for selling subscriptions for both Snapchat and Instagram. FanCentro pays out 75%, which is competitive with OnlyFans. FanCentro is 100% adult-friendly, but keep in mind that Snapchat and Instagram are not. Even though that’s the case, both platforms have been very popular and profitable for performers. In addition to providing the payment processing and all the tools to manage subscriptions, FanCentro influencers will also be included in their directory.

AVN Stars is a social media network that was created by the AVN Media Network, a group formed around the adult entertainment industry. That means that they’re specialists in providing adult content – so it’s no surprise they’ve entered the subscription-model arena with their own network to rival OnlyFans. It’s a more recent creation, but they’ve got years of experience in providing adult content to draw on. If anything, that’s made for a strong launch, with a website that is clean and easy to use, a wealth of tools that content creators can take advantage of, and policies in place to help protect the content that you create. If you’re interested in creating adult content, then AVN Stars is a great place to sell it.
AVN Stars works in much the same way as other content creator platforms. You’re able to create an account and then post videos, photos and more that you can either monetize through a subscription or you can charge on a per-clip basis. You can also make money by referring others to sign up to accounts, and by getting tips from users. There are a lot of premium features included with AVN Stars which other sites don’t have. You’re able to connect your premium snapchat account to better interact with subscribers, you can schedule posts, and you can attached your own clip site to your profile.AVN stars also prides itself on being a quality website – other adult platforms are a little messy and can be frustrating to navigate, but AVN Stars is slick and professional, which makes it easier for users to find you and to enjoy the content you create.

Fangage is a social media platform designed to allow content creators to engage with their fans directly, and monetize this interaction. It was made to help creators avoid having to rely on the complicated algorithms used by major social media sites, which can sometimes lead to fans not being updated, even about pages or individuals they have chosen to follow. Fangage offers a fully-branded fan platform where followers can sign up by sharing their contact data, such as their email address and telephone number, which allows content creators to reach out directly to them. It features the ability to allow fans to pay for special content or sign up for paid subscriptions. The idea is to offer a simpler, more transparent connection between content creators and fans. Fangage is easy for followers to use. They can join with a single click through their existing Facebook, Google, Apple, Spotify, and Twitter accounts. It also allows content creators to upload exclusive material across different platforms, with YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud totally compatible.
While it’s possible to use Fangage to host free fan-only content, one of its main benefit is its ability to target subscription offers at the biggest fans of content creators. Users have the ability to set up their own one-off prices for content or subscription fees. Fans then pay for the most exclusive content. Think of it as a kind of paid for premium membership for your most loyal followers.

Patreon is a membership platform that was founded in 2013, which in internet terms is ages ago, and it’s certainly been around for longer than OnlyFans. There are clear parallels between the two, and you’d have to assume that OF took at least some inspiration from the model that Patreon built. A lot of Patreon users have built their initial following on YouTube or other social media platforms first. Once they have the beginnings of a fan base, they move to Patreon to start offering exclusive content that can only be accessed through a paid subscription.
It’s not just because Patreon offers an extra chance to earn income. It gives creators the chance to expand their content through an extra revenue stream, but it also protects the creator against demonetization on YouTube. Those who create content on Patreon can receive funding from their followers or fans on a recurring basis. But the platform isn’t just made for famous YouTubers. A lot of artistic and creative personalities have relied on Patreon as a way to earn money for their hard work.
While it’s generally not a main source of income, it’s one of the best channels for anyone who wants to make extra money leveraging their creative talents. It is for this reason why YouTubers, podcasters, and musicians are flocking to it like someone struck gold.As of today, there are more than 200,000 content creators on Patreon with well over 3 million supporters. In total, these creators raked in a combined total of well over $350 million.

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